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‘Friday the 13th’ Actress Reveals Weinstein Harassment

by David Grove

Actress Melanie Kinnaman, the star of Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning, claims that she was sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein.  Kinnaman made the claim this morning in several Facebook postings.

Kinnaman, 63, is the latest in a long line of women to claim sexual harassment by Weinstein, the co-founder of the independent film studio Miramax, over the course of several decades.  Kinnaman did not reveal when and where the alleged harassment took place.  “It was a humiliating and horrendous experience that prompted years of nightmares for me,” Kinnaman wrote this morning.  “Now he’s gone.  So long, Harvey Weinstein.  Too little, too late.  Thank you to all the brave women who told their personal stories.”

Weinstein, 65, one of the most honored and successful film producers in history, was fired on Sunday by the board of directors of The Weinstein Company.  The removal of the disgraced Weinstein from his namesake company marks the culmination of one of the most precipitous collapses in recent entertainment history.  “I was told, at the time, to keep my mouth shut or else,” wrote Kinnaman of her experience with Weinstein.  “At the time this happened to me, I told my agent, and he told me to take it to my grave.”

The Weinstein Company is the parent company of Dimension Films, Weinstein’s genre arm, which is the company behind the television series The Mist.  Dimension has several films scheduled for release this year, including Polaroid, which is set to be released in December.

As of Monday afternoon, Kinnaman had made no further comments about her allegation.  “I revealed something very personal and painful with my post,” Kinnaman wrote to her Facebook followers on Monday.  “Please don’t add insult to injury with your insensitive and disgusting messages.  I will delete.  Don’t make me sorry to have shared.  Thank you.”

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