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Concept – Freddy vs Jason vs Ash


Right from the start it’s as if the minds behind this passion project wanted to remove any hint of FvJ by first re-establishing Jason as a ruthless killer and not some sympathetic underdog who clomps around in Frankenstein fashion,  as he was portrayed in that film. To drive this point home the very first thing Jason does – how the whole story opens up – is slaughter Lori Campbell (Monica Keena) and her boyfriend. The two survivors of FvJ meet the business end of Jason’s vengeance.


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Blood and guts explode across every issue from there on out. Take it from your good pal Manic – if you’re a gore fiend – this will satisfy your craving for carnage.


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Meanwhile – Ash Williams has been dispatched to the haunted area surrounding Crystal Lake for a very important mission. This time around he’s not dealing with deadite hordes or the Necronomicon; he’s not even there to investigate the weird urban legends of Jason Voorhees who is rumored to rise from the cold lake with a thirst for violence.


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No, Ash is there to train a rag-tag band of newbies for the grand opening of the local S-Mart superstore. Super important stuff, folks. Little does he know that Hell is about to be unleashed, a minor set back, friends. But will Ash be ready to take on the monstrosities of both classic Boogeymen?


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“But wait,” you may protest. “If this movie follows the events of FvJ, isn’t Freddy, you know, missing his head?”


How correct you are!


Freddy vs Jason vs Ash does follow the events of FvJ, and Jason has been keeping Freddy’s head beside the mummified head of his beloved mother. It’s as if Pamela is there to keep her eye sockets on him. However, we all know the Springwood’s Slasher can’t stay in Hell for long. Evil never dies, and in the depths of the Inferno Freddy has heard rumors of an accursed book called the Necronomicon. A fiendish tome of demonic incantations with the power to raise the damned back to life.


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Even as a rotting head Krueger proves he is still the hellish master of dreams, and so the great manipulator plots to gain access to that baneful book of the dead. Not just to bring himself back, but also to raise a deadite army.


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Of course anyone familiar with the three franchises knows it’s going to get crazy from here on out. The comic run has two volumes. Each volume is a six part series.


In Freddy vs Jason vs Ash Volume II: The Nightmare Warriors,  I was pleasantly shocked to see some familiar faces return. Survivors from both the Friday and Nightmare movies join with Ash to save the world from Freddy’s evil schemes. That means we have a story where Tommy Jarvis along with Freddy’s daughter, Tina Shepherd (Ft13th VII), and Alice Johnson (NoES IV,V) all join forces with Ash to battle Freddy’s  army of darkness. A deadite army – I might add –  that has taken over the White House. Yup, you read that right. It’s an all out show down with lots of twists and gore to drive us all mad with gruesome glee!


If you’re a fan of the movies and like horror comics, this is one I’d recommend picking up. Only thing is, it might be a little bit of a quest to find them. The TPB is available at Amazon, but the price is up there. Admittedly it would make one hell of a Halloween present for that special maniac in your life. So happy hunting friends!


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This has been Manic Exorcism and thank you once again for joining me in celebrating all things horror.