It’s hard to say when Freddy Krueger will be returning to the big screen, as not a peep has been heard from the Dream Demon since his failed attempt at a reboot back in 2010. But he’s definitely due for a comeback, and we’ve got a feeling it’s only a matter of time.

In the meantime, the fine folks over at WTFLOL just dropped a pretty hilarious little video into our inbox, which sees them re-imagining Krueger’s origin story with hilarious results…

It was of course the Springwood parents who torched Freddy and turned him into a supernatural monster, in the film series at least, but the website’s faux anti-smoking ad tells an entirely different story. In their altered version of events, it was an accident involving a cigarette that burned Freddy alive, forever changing his views on the unhealthy habit.

Check out the hilarious short film Nightmare on Vape Street, wherein Freddy trades in his cancer sticks for a much healthier (and trendier) option!

[youtube id=”2ellpdbsn_Q”]