Fred Ward Rumored to Join Kevin Bacon in ‘Tremors’ TV Series

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It’s unlikely that anyone involved with 1990’s modestly budgeted creature feature Tremors imagined just how enduring a franchise the film would spawn. The sixth film in the series – Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell – hits DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital HD in just a few weeks.

Tremors also once spawned a short-lived TV series, back in 2003. The series aired on the then Sci-Fi Channel, and starred Michael Gross as his gun-toting character Burt Gummer that had become a mainstay of the movies.

The Tremors franchise will soon head back to the small screen, on the now re-branded Syfy network. Originally in the works at Amazon, the hook behind this new Tremors show is that it features the return of Kevin Bacon to his original role of Val McKee.

Bacon didn’t appear in any of the movie sequels – or the prior TV series – so this will be his first encounter with Graboids in nearly 30 years. Now, the fan blog Tremors Guide is reporting that Tremors’ other original lead, Fred Ward, is set to return too.

The news was revealed in a recent tweet by noted TV director Richard Clark (Doctor Who, Outlander), who said “Universal shooting 8-part TV Tremors this summer with Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward! I’m begging to direct! Scripts a lot of fun.

As cool as Ward returning to play Earl Bassett once again sounds though, the above tweet is by no means official confirmation of Ward’s involvement, and should be taken with a large grain of salt. Still, it’s fun to consider.

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