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When researching this topic to make sure I was not having another one of my late-90’s-early-2000’s-numetal-nostalgia-fever dreams, I discovered Fred Durst has an actual career in film outside of cameos and music video directing!

When he’s not hosting and killing it at jazz nights at the L.A. magician bar “Black Rabbit Rose”, or supposedly playing shows at Sunoco gas stations (here’s the link, unless you live in Dayton, Ohio), Durst directs feature length (and short films) with reputable, big name actors such as Jesse Eisenberg in The Education of Charlie Banks and Ice Cube with The Longshots.

Image via IMDB

Adding on to his heart-warming feature length films, Durst wants to try his hand at directing a suspenseful thriller (titled Moose) based around an experience he had with an obsessive stalker during the full swing of his Limp Bizkit years.

Now, many would ask who exactly does Durst have in mind for his next huge project that is getting so much media attention? Well thriller and horror fans like myself were (pleasantly) surprised to discover that Variety reported John Travolta – Vincent the hitman from Pulp Fiction – is confirmed to play the role of the stalker “Moose”.

Additionally, the action star that Moose stalks will be played by Devon Sawa (Final Destination and Casper), whose character is named Hunter Dunbar. In the film, Moose will stalk his idolized action hero and will ultimately lead to the destruction of Hunter Dunbar’s life.

Image via IMDB (Travolta on set of Moose)

Whether Travolta and Sawa are doing the film for genuine interest (or, perhaps, all for the nookie)  I doubt that I – or others – can deny that our interest is peaked for Durst to do a film in the vein of Perfect Blue. 

Currently, principal photography is in progress for the film, and Durst has recruited producers Andrea Lervolino and Monika Bacardi (AMBI Media Group) as well as Oscar Generale and Daniel Grodnik (Wonderfilm Media).

Considering that Limp Bizkit will soon be touring Australia in March, and then Germany in June, it would seem filming for the project would either be occurring now and then be on hiatus in between tours, or Durst will finish principal photography this month, and then begin filming after touring.

I doubt that most will take their eyes off the project’s progress, so updates will assuredly come in as soon as they’re released.

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