Frank Miller’s ‘Sin City’ is Headed to TV Series

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Robert Rodriguez’s adaptation of Frank Miller’s Sin City in 2005 was a wild and aesthetically groundbreaking film. Well, Legendary Television has signed a deal with Miller to bring the hard-boiled noir comic series to TV.

Rodriguez is still in talks to come aboard in a move that would see Miller and Rodriguez onboard as executive producers. If you recall, Rodriguez demanded miller co-direct Sin City with him since there was literally no one who knew the material better. Rodriguez and Miller co-directing the TV series would be ideal but as of now is yet to be seen.

The deal so far would guarantee a first season and also ‘demands’ that the series go for its original blood and mean guts R rating.

The graphic novels and the two film adaptations followed the criminal underworld events of Basin City. Each film acted like an anthology of tales from within the world.

Rodriguez brought the comics to life combining black and white aesthetic with splashes of color. The proof of concept starred Josh Harnett as ‘The Salesman,’ a cool and suave hitman. The video showed the direction that Rodriguez would take by highlighting a red dress, fire and blood. It was eventually used as a striking opening scene.

Excited to return to Sin City? Should Rodriguez and Miller co-direct? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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