Frank Darabont Suing AMC For Over A Quarter Billion In “Walking Dead” Lawsuit

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Written by Patti Pauley

There certainly is no question here that AMC’s The Walking Dead is one of the most popular TV programs to not only air on the original content broadcasting station, but definitely sits as one of the best TV series of the 21st century. Having said that, it’s really no wonder why acclaimed screenwriter from such films as Nightmare On Elm Street 3 and Shawshank Redemption Frank Darabont, is a little salty towards AMC after being suddenly replaced on the show. And Darabont has responded with a hefty lawsuit seeking a whopping $280 million.


Shit just got real serious folks.

walking dead lawsuit

The trouble all started during production of the second season when Darabont was abruptly fired (for reasons still unclear at this time) and then replaced with Greg Mazzara who ending up dropping out after the third season; handing the bloody reigns to present producer Scott M. Gimple. For whatever the reason was for the change, Darabont was clearly upset and filed a lawsuit against AMC back in 2013, alleging that the network improperly reduced his profit share by not counting him as fully invested in the second season and claiming he worked on all of the episodes of the second season. He also claims AMC flat-out robbed him of contingent profits by producing the series and then licensing it to its cable network affiliate for not enough money.

 AMC fired back stating he had to be working full-time on the show at the end of the second cycle to inherit these profits. This mess of an argument that is ongoing really grabbed everyone’s attention when we recently learned via SlashFilm the exact amount of damages the former writer/producer of The Walking Dead was seeking.

According to reports, the case has been building over the last several years and now ready to go to trial. However, the appointed judge  has stated the proceedings probably won’t get under way until 2018. If the case does indeed make it to trial without a settlement, it will mark one of the biggest profit cases in television history.


Looks like the drama behind the scenes of AMC’s hit show could very well be a contender against the tension between Negan and Rick eh? What a mess. What are your thoughts on this debacle?

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