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Stephen King May Write Another ‘Dark Tower’ Book

by Mike Joyce
Dark Tower

It’s great to be a Stephen King fan right now. “The Dark Tower” got a film adaptation and it has an upcoming TV series. “It” has become  the highest-grossing horror film of all time, according to Variety. “Gerald’s Game” is crushing it on Netflix right now. New trailers for “Castle Rock” and “1922” have dropped. He also has a new novel out titled “Sleeping Beauties,” which he co-wrote with his son Owen.

And now, there’s talk that King may be adding to the “Dark Tower” series. The book series ended in 2004, but in 2012 King published “The Wind Through the Keyhole,” a prequel to the main series. As any Dark Tower fan knows, King has connected this story with many of his other stories, creating a shared universe with Roland Deschain and the Man in Black at the center of it, so it’s not so crazy to think that he’ll keep revisiting this world.

At a recent Q&A, a fan asked King if he’ll be adding any more Dark Tower stories, specifically asking about the Battle of Jericho Hill, an event that happened before the novels. King responded, “Yes, I think that might happen.” You can watch the video below:


That definitely sounds promising for Dark Tower fans. King didn’t elaborate on the setting, like if it’s actually going to be about the Battle of Jericho Hill, but it does sound like he’s not finished with the many worlds of the Dark Tower.

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