New Teaser Videos for Stephen King’s ‘Mr. Mercedes’

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Mr Mercedes Book Cover

This Tuesday, June 3rd, will see the release of the latest full-length novel by arguably the greatest horror author of all-time, Stephen King.

The highly anticipated new tome from the man who gave us classics like The Stand and Pet Sematary is entitled Mr. Mercedes, and concerns Brady Hartfield, a disgruntled loser who once used his car to kill and maim dozens of people that were lined up for a job fair in a small Midwestern town. While Brady escaped uncaught, he longs for that rush again, and concocts a plan to wreak havoc on a much larger scale. It’s up to Bill Hodges, a now retired police officer, to capture the psycho before he can slaughter more innocents.

To promote the book, several teasers have recently been released, featuring four of King’s most iconic characters introducing Brady and his exploits to the masses. Lilja’s Library, easily the largest Stephen King fansite, first played host to the clips.

First up is perhaps King’s most infamous villain, Pennywise the Clown from IT.

[vimeo id=”96814531″]

Next to offer his thoughts on Mr. Mercedes is The Shining’s Danny Torrance, who (bizarrely) has an English accent here.

[vimeo id=”96721618″]

Third on the docket is cursed teenager Carrie White, star of King’s first ever novel Carrie.

[vimeo id=”96816936″]

Finally, contestant number four is probably King’s most inspirational creation ever, Andy Dufresne from Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption. That novella of course inspired the classic Oscar-nominated Frank Darabont film starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman.

[vimeo id=”96814781″]

While Mr. Mercedes may not be (at least on the surface) a supernatural novel, it’s fair to say that Stephen King has more than earned enough cache with horror fans to make any new release of his a special event. Do you plan to read Mr. Mercedes?