Jensen Ackles, Jeffrey Dean Morgan Share a “Lucille” Laugh Over Twitter

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The best way to get over a broken heart is by laughing about it. Apparently, this applies to broken heads as well.

Spoilers ahead! Don’t read if you haven’t watched the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead.

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ve undoubtedly seen the memes of Glen and Abraham. The two characters suffered a horrific end by way of Negan on The Walking Dead. Curiously, instead of reacting with sadness, the collective internet has been surging with jokes about anything from exploding pumpkins to packages of chopped meat. It’s only fitting that Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor who plays Negan on the show, has finally joined in.

But not without the help of his Supernatrual costar Jensen Ackles. Fans of the television show have been making Supernatural / Walking Dead crossover memes since Morgan first showed his face on AMC’s zombie drama. Morgan also plays Ackle’s fictional father on Supernatural. The latest comes from Ackles on Instagram, which was reposted to Twitter:

The latest comes from Ackles on Instagram, which was reposted to Twitter:

Morgan then responded to Ackles.

It’s great that everyone’s joking about Lucille and all, but damn – Glenn’s death still has me messed up! Regardless, it’s awesome to be discussing actors on Twitter sharing a laugh instead of calling each other out. Two extremely handsome horror actors getting along… Isn’t it so lovely?