‘Halloween’ (2018) Trailer Gets the Lego Treatment

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After nearly a decade since the 2009 release of Rob Zombie’s highly divisive sequel Halloween II, this October will mark the return of slasher icon Michael Myers to theaters. Directed by David Gordon Green, the new film is a direct sequel to the 1978 original.

Halloween (2018) sees Jamie Lee Curtis reprise her signature role of “final girl” Laurie Strode for the first time since 2002’s best left forgotten sequel Halloween: Resurrection, which the new film thankfully ignores. Trick or treat, motherf***er, indeed.

In fact, Halloween (2018) ignores every prior sequel and remake, a move which has annoyed the fans among us who enjoyed more of the follow-ups than they hated. Regardless, the film its on its way, and now its official trailer has gotten the Lego treatment.

Awww, isn’t Lego Michael Myers adorable? Oh, is it just me who thinks that? Anyway, this type of Lego makeover of a trailer is always pretty amusing, and last year’s hit adaptation of Stephen King’s IT was another memorable recipient of this treatment.

We won’t know until October whether writer/director Green – and co-writer Danny McBride – successfully managed to revive the Halloween franchise, but with John Carpenter on-board as executive producer and composer, I’m inclined to hope for the best this time out.

‘Halloween’ via Blumhouse