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Fight Back or Die Trying This Fall in ‘Last Year: The Nightmare’

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The popular app Discord (and PC) will be receiving a 6-player horror game that can only be described as a fantastic synthesis of Monster Squad meets the setting of Silent Hill, with gameplay inspired by Dead by Daylight, Friday the 13th, and a dash of Evolve: enter Last Year: The Nightmare.

The year is 1996, and five unsuspecting high-schoolers–as diverse as the breakfast club–awake in a hellish mirror version of their hometown. Upon further exploration, they discover that they’re not alone when making their way through East Side Highschool, coming face-to-face with one of the game’s three (player controlled) killers:

A gargantuan juggernaut known as The Giant, a shrouded chain-wielding psychopath called The Strangler, or The Slasher; incidentally, The Slasher sports work gloves and a mechanic’s jump-suit similar to Jason Vorhees. Those who play the five students must figure out how to effectively evade or fight the killers, and escape East Side High.

Last Year: The Nightmare

Image via Last Year: The Nightmare website

Each killer in Last Year: The Nightmare is equipped with their own special abilities and weapons. Those who play as the killer can go the traditional route of hunting down their prey, confronting and slaughtering one or two of them in each encounter. In contrast to the traditional method of playing a killer, there is also Predator Mode in which the killer will be completely invisible and unable to directly attack the other players, but can still lay an assortment of traps and strategize how to eliminate each of the other players.

Unlike similar titles, Last Year: The Nightmare‘s hero characters are capable of fighting back against the killers by crafting weapons, items, and barricades. The hero roster features:

Troy the horror movie buff and team leader, Chad the optimistic jock (as if the name didn’t give that away), Nick the tech-savvy nerd, Amber the academic and social queen of her school, and Sam the outcast-geek who can’t catch a break. Even though the game features a relatively young age cast designed with a bright and vibrant style, it does not hold back on the brutal gore of executions when you’re caught by one of the killers.

Last Year discord

Image via Last Year: The Nightmare website

For those who are interested in buying this ambitious horror game, Discord users should be excited to hear that developer Elastic Games’ announced through a recently released official trailer that Last Year: The Nightmare will be one of the first games to launch via Discord; consequently, this means the title will later be coming to PC. Concerning the game’s release date, the developer announced that Last Year will be released sometime during Fall of this year. Elastic Games has also announced if the game is financially successful, it will be ported to consoles as well.

If you are interested in playing something similar to Last Year: The Nightmare, then you should take the time to head over to the PSN store and download Friday the 13th: The Game, which you can get more details on–along with coverage about the game switching developers–in our article.


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