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Fan-Made ‘Jaws’ “WeMake” Celebrates Movie’s 45th Anniversary

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Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, and in this case, they are used to create something called a Jaws “WeMake.” Not a remake, not a reboot, but a WeMake.

What is a WeMake you ask? Good question. Over 70 Jaws fans from all over the world including the United Kingdom, America, and India spent their time in quarantine making a fan-made version of everyone’s favorite summer blockbuster Jaws. They have never met and only share a deep love for the Steven Spielberg thriller.

The movie is celebrating its 45th anniversary over the weekend.

This WeMake is over an hour long and has been deemed a “love letter to the Universal Pictures classic.”

It consists of live-action scenes, animations, action figures, and stop-motion photography. And for the purists out there, some scenes were shot on the actual location of the 1975 original.

You may remember in April fans created a similar project for Back to the Future II called Project 88 – Back to the Future Too.

Here’s to swimmin’ with bow-legged women!

Jaws WeMake World Premiere is on Saturday, June 20 at 1 pm (PT)/ 9 pm (GMT) only on thedailyjaws.com.

Click HERE and enjoy!

Take a look: