Dying Light 2 Arises From Microsoft E3 Press Conference

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In the midst of Microsoft’s press conference during E3 2018, Techland unveiled a pleasant (undead) surprise to the crowd of video game enthusiasts. Audiences speculated as to what title would be attached to the depressing, post-apocalyptic landscape somewhere in a fictional Europe.

Things became a little more clear when the snarls and growling of unseen creatures rose as the audible backdrop to adrenaline filled parkour and malicious hand-to-hand combat (with crude hand axes composed of shattered street signs).

Striding onto the stage, Techland’s narrative designer, Chris Avellone, reveals that action packed footage that just had audience members clenching their chairs was, in fact, in-game footage of Dying Light 2.

Dying Light

Image via GameSpot YouTube

After separating on their own creative endeavor from parent company, Deep Silver, Techland brought innovation to both the zombie and open world RPG genres with Dying Light. The game focused on gathering any supplies you could to craft weapons, combatting an oppressive crime syndicate in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, and trying to find shelter before the sun would set–lest you risk the run in with the apex zombie predators you are sure to die at the hands of.

The fluid parkour mechanics combined with the smooth combat made Dying Light a noticeable content in the zombie game department, the game engine’s movement capabilities providing hours of replay value.

Dying Light

Image via GameSpot YouTube

Avellone went into detail about the sequel, the most obvious deviance from the first being the setting–a lush green and grey Europe as opposed to a yellow and brown sandy Turkey. Dying Light wanted players to interact with the characters in the world to unlock side stories and weapon blueprints, but Dying Light 2 will put even more emphasis on character interaction for the sake of its core gameplay.

The world of Dying Light 2 will inhabit a shifty crime syndicate and an oppressive (remaining) state government trying to keep order in the apocalypse. Players will be able to choose which faction they will aid on their playthrough, and can make a plethora of choices that can lead to various endings of the campaign. Each of the choices will directly affect the world around the player both physically and in their available choices. This is a similar aim that was taken in the DeadRising and Infamous series, which would seem appropriate to add into Dying Light‘s universe.

Dying Light

Image via GameSpot YouTube

Weapons forged in the setting almost appear cruder than the previous game’s, straight out of a Road Warrior film.

Unfortunately, while we saw weapons and human enemies, the hordes of ravenous undead did not make much of an appearance, but Avenolle alluded to the threat the night time mechanic will still present in this title.

All in all, Dying Light 2 seems to be on the right path with adding something to help the story, but not straying far from basic principles of the fast and fluid movement, and intense combat from its predecessor.

Before the release of Dying Light 2, Techland will be cashing in on the “battle royale craze” with the stand-alone expansion Dying Light: Bad Blood (sometime in 2018). You can check out our article covering the undead battle royale here!

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