Turn Into a Walker on Your Own! THE WALKING DEAD’s How to Guide to Looking Undead

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Ever wanted to look like a zombie- I mean, Walker, from AMC’s hit post-apocalyptic series, THE WALKING DEAD but have little money and no access to SFX master, Greg Nicotero? Well, worry no longer! Here’s the officially sanctioned “How To” guide from the series itself!

Going way back to when AMC was trying to promote the adaptation of the survival horror comic book, one such way was giving some undead costuming tips just before the series premiere on Halloween, 2010. Including a now since passed contest for the now coveted goal of appearing as a ghoul on THE WALKING DEAD itself! Like Mr. Wizard (of gore), you too can build everything you need to become a walker with tools around the house and from the local store without the hassle of being bitten! Simple things such as liquid latex, uncooked oatmeal, and mineral oil among others. And in 8 easy steps, you too can look like the life has left your animated corpse!

And why stop there? Have fun and customize with various props and costumes. Maybe make a reference zombie like the many that have graced the TV series over the years. Like the Bub look-alike or the TALES FROM THE CRYPT Zombie! Be it a holiday, the weekend, or just fooling around at work, you can be a Walker wherever you want, now!