5 Minute Shorts Tell True Stories of People’s Most Horrifying Moments

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Today marks the premiere episode of Terror Tales: Season 1, now streaming free on YouTube.

Every Friday will welcome viewers with the release of a new terrifying true story that fans submitted to the channel.

Each short is less than 5 minutes long, focusing on that main moment of horror.

Click HERE to watch Episode 1: “Rest Stop.”

About “Rest Stop”

“Rest Stop” tells the story of what happens to Tondala as she travels cross country.  When nature calls, she pulls into the nearest rest stop.

She feels something is off in her gut – call it a spidey sense or woman’s intuition – yet she gets out of her car anyway, making her way to the restroom as quickly as she can.

What happens next is absolutely terrifying and leaves us wanting to see more – we have questions we need answered!

We would like to know what you would do in this situation!

After you watch Terror Tales Episode 1 “Rest Stop” HERE.  Leave a comment under the Youtube video and let us know what you would do in that situation.

Be sure to subscribe to the Terror Tales YouTube page (click the bell icon too) so you get notified every Friday when another terrifying true story reenactment releases on their channel.