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FOX19 Morning Show Hosts Tragically Attempt to Discuss a Top 10 Horror Films List

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Things got interesting earlier today when two hosts of the the Morning Show on FOX19 in Cincinnati attempted to discuss a top ten list from online travel and entertainment site Thrillist.

Hosts Charisse Gibson and Frank Marzullo quickly found themselves in the weeds and on the “what were they thinking” list as they were concluding a spot about the trailer release for the upcoming IT: Chapter Two and segued to the list which includes classics like Psycho and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Not only had they not heard of half of the films, they seemed very confused about the ones that were familiar to them.

Now I can forgive a lot. I can forgive not liking Aliens, and I can perhaps forgive never having heard of Nosferatu (1922). But when you refer to the killer from Halloween as Jason Myers?!

Yeah, that’s when we have a problem.

The video was uploaded to the Deborah Voorhees Shear Horror Facebook group by group member Rob Biebrich with the quote “When your non horror friends talk about horror movies.”

“I was just watching the morning news and had to rewind and record it,” Biebrich, a native of Cincinnati, said.

The video is painful to watch at best, and might just make you want to throw things at its worst.

This kind of this does happen. Many morning show hosts aren’t totally versed in a topic and are expected to chat at a moment’s notice about any number of things. This could be an example of a good idea gone bad.

I guess they can at least be glad they didn’t do it right in front of one of the film’s stars like poor Kevin Frazier with Jamie Lee Curtis at SDCC last year.

Take a look at the video below!


When your non horror fan friends talk about horror movies ???

Posted by Rob Biebrich on Friday, May 10, 2019

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