Fox Working on Animated, Comedic ‘X-Files’ Spin-Off

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When The X-Files came back to Fox a few years back in 2016 it was really great run, if a little short lived. Fox seems to miss the series too. In fact, they began working on an animated spin-off that will take the series in a totally new direction. A comedic, animated direction.

X-Files: Albuquerque will follow another team of investigators. These characters however are the FBI’s X-Files, B-team. They take on the cases that are a little too out there for Scully and Mulder. The cases that are kinda silly in nature.

X-Files creator Chris Carter and Gabe Rotter are both on board to executive produce the series. While, Rocky Russo and Jeremy Sosenko (Paradise PD, Brickleberry) are onboard to write.

Some episodes of the original series were already pretty out there. Real emphasis on the Glenn Morgan and Darin Morgan episodes. It would be really cool to see writers like Darin return to pen some episodes. If Fox is looking for out there cases then, he would be a great pick.

What do you guys think? Think this animated and comedic approach could be fun? Let us know in the comments section.

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