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This weekend has seen tons of TV shows get renewed, canceled, or not picked up to series. Most of these haven’t been of any special interest to us horror lovers, but sadly, FOX has opted to cancel two series dealing directly with Satan himself, per EW.

First on the chopping block is The Exorcist, which ran for two critically acclaimed yet poorly rated seasons. To the network’s credit, The Exorcist was renewed for season 2 by the skin of its teeth, as FOX chose to bring it back despite its terrible ratings numbers.

Unfortunately, the power of Christ couldn’t compel FOX to renew The Exorcist again, and the surprisingly creative reboot/reimagining of the classic demonic possession franchise has come to a premature end. It’s not an excellent day to be a fan.

Second to get the axe is Lucifer, a DC Comics adaptation in which Ol’ Scratch himself gets bored with his job and decides to leave hell. His destination is Los Angeles, which many people would insist is a hell all its own. Just kidding.

Anyway, while in LA, Lucifer starts helping the cops solve crimes, presumably because it amuses him. Lucifer is about to finish its third season, and it’s been reported that the finale ends on a cliffhanger that will now not be resolved. Well that really sucks.