Found’s ‘Headless’ Is On Its Way To Becoming A Depraved Feature-Length Delight

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As Found director Scott Schirmer recently told us, a feature-length version of that film’s movie within a movie, Headless, is in the works. In fact, the Kickstarter for the project is in full effect.

In Found, we see several minutes of the Headless VHS that the main character Marty and his friend watch. It’s this segment that was too much for the censors in Australia. Unfortunately, in that country, Headless is pretty much going to have to be trimmed. It’s probably safe to say that Headless the movie won’t be getting classification.


Schirmer won’t be directing this time around, but is serving as co-producer with Kara Erdel. Erdel’s husband Nathan Erdel is writing the screenplay, and Arthur Cullipher is directing.

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As Schirmer said in our interview:

Arthur is a special effects artist and it just makes sense to all of us that he should direct it, because it’s going to have a ton of effects — all practical, no CG. Leya Taylor is returning to photograph it, and we’re hoping to get Magician Johnson back for the score. And of course, Shane Beasley is also returning as the Killer.

The story that Nathan and Arthur have hammered out is a real blend of exploitation filth and dreamy/psychological stuff. I think it will definitely satisfy the gore hounds, but we’re also trying to give it some extra, deeper substance…Hopefully we can shoot in early Fall and run the festivals throughout 2015.

Schirmer also says that Headless will feature some of the original footage, so it will hopefully maintain the same look and feel. Here’s a snippet from the press release:

The ten-minute piece of footage so controversial it got Found banned in Australia is now in development as a feature film. Due to overwhelming demand by fans of the original movie, Forbidden Films – the creative team behind Found – is collaborating with Gentleman Monster Productions to bring to life the complete, bloody story of Headless.

Found, the DIY horror darling that debuted on the festival circuit in 2012, made its mark on the indie scene as a boyhood tale with a bent toward the macabre. Based on the novel by Todd Rigney, Found built a blood-soaked masterpiece on a shoestring budget of just $8,000, going on to win 15 Best Feature awards, as well as numerous other awards for acting, directing, and cinematography. Fans of Found will remember Headless as the nasty little peek into a slasher movie that horrified two young friends with its amped-up blood and guts, its parade of topless women, and its iconic, machete-wielding villain. The feature-length version of this intense, gore-filled fantasy brings the gruesome and the psychedelic together in one gorgeous, grotesque, ultra-hardcore horror party.

Rigney tells us, “I’m not really involved with Headless. I think they’re doing a ‘based on characters by Todd Rigney’ kind of thing, but that’s really Nathan Erdel and Arthur Cullipher’s thing. I gave them my blessing for the project, but I’ve honestly never really thought of Headless beyond what’s found in the book. I wouldn’t know how to properly expand upon it. Plus, it’s kind of thrilling to think that someone can take something small I wrote about and make it their own. That’s more exciting to me than anything going.”

Be sure to check out the Kickstarter here (complete with video). As of the time of this writing, they’re over a third of a way to their goal with 72 backers.
Found hits DVD and VOD in the US, Canada, Australia, and UK this Fall. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll wish you had backed Headless after you have. They’ve got some cool prizes, including an autographed limited edition DVD of Headless and even an opportunity to play a mutilated corpse in the movie.
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