Krampus on the Mantle

Forget ‘Elf on the Shelf;’ This Year We’re all about ‘Krampus on the Mantle’

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The folks at For Your Entertainment aka F.Y.E. have a brand new holiday tradition that we love, and we think you will too. It’s time to get rid of those Elves on Shelves and welcome Krampus on the Mantle into our homes.

Let’s face it. Every year it’s the same old social media thing. We watch as our parent friends post pictures of their little mischievous Elf on a Shelf beginning December 1st and give them the required thumbs up at how creative they are, and if most of us were honest we’d admit it’s boring as hell.

I mean, what kid is really scared of some snooping Elf who is spying on them for Santa?

Now, Krampus…that’s another story.

The official Krampus on the Mantle description reads:

Watch out kids, there’s a new Christmas tradition. Krampus is coming to town and he’s on a mission. Unlike St. Nick, who rewards good kids with toys, Krampus dishes out terror to bad girls and boys. Watching you, children, no need for a letter, Punishing naughty kids for ever and ever. Kids who are bad will be shaking in fear, But, too late, Krampus is already here. Sharp claws, pointed fangs and menacing horns. If he decides you were naughty, from this world you’ll be torn. When he comes for you, hear his chains and bells clank. You know you’re in trouble, this is definitely no prank. Thrown in his sack, no matter how much you yell, Won’t see a thing as he drags you to hell. Keeping you confined for an entire year. Punishment so awful, you’ll wish you weren’t here. Don’t want to see Krampus? Don’t give him a reason. Be good all year long. Survive the Christmas season. See old St. Nick and all the joy that he brings. Opening presents by the tree while everyone joyfully sings. Don’t do bad things, and always remember, Krampus is watching. He’ll be back next December!

Now that’s what I call motivation!

Krampus on the Mantle retails for $34.99 and can be purchased exclusively from F.Y.E. by CLICKING HERE.

Waylon Jordan is a lifelong fan of genre fiction and film especially those with a supernatural element. He firmly believes that horror reflects collective fears of society and can be used as a tool for social change.