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‘It Follows’ will scare you into celibacy

by Trey Hilburn III

Jaws made it difficult to swim in the ocean and Psycho made it difficult to not believe you would one day be stabbed to death in the shower. ‘It Follows’ manages to make sex scary. As if STD’s weren’t enough to be worried about, this movie throws in a vengeful shape shifting entity that will stop at nothing to rip you apart after you have sex.

‘It Follows’ was the scariest movie at Fantastic Fest 2014 and managed to do something that I had never seen before. Its metaphor for sexuality was not something that was buried in subtext.

When  19-year-old Jay (Maika Monroe) decides to lose her virginity to a special guy in her life. She is suddenly thrown into a living nightmare, after she is told that ‘something’ will follow her and stop at nothing to kill her. The only saving grace might be for Jay to sleep with someone else and pass it to them.

Jay’s group of friends (who are unable to see the entity) band together to save their friend from whatever it is that is following her.

The core group of friends in this film are also a bit of throwback to the group from “The Breakfast Club,” at times, and has a great dynamic going on that actually makes you care for them and not want to see them become dead meat.

On top of the film being horrifying, it manages to boast an amazing synth-based soundtrack that video game composer, Disasterpeace, composed. His roots in video game music can be heard throughout but also help excel the scarier moments of the film.

Here is the French teaser for the film, we here at iHorror will give you updates about the release as they become available.

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