Flytrap, an independent psychological sci-fi thriller by Stephen David Brooks, was making some noise on the international film circuit (including Best Non-European Indie Feature at the European Independent Film Festival in France, Best Low Budget Feature at Worldfest Houston, Special Jury Prize at the Chelsea Film Festival as well as Best Feature, Best Supporting Actor (Jonah Blechman) and Best Ensemble at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival) is now available on Amazon Instant Video and Google Play and will be available on August 23rd on iTunes and Vudu, so be sure to catch Flytrap or let it catch you. It’s rather dark and well shot, so I recommend checking it out.

On the day he arrives in the U.S. to teach at UCLA, paranoia roots itself into James Pond, a reserved English astronomer, who is seduced and quickly trapped in a suburban Los Angeles house by the mysterious and alluring Mary Ann and her equally bizarre housemates.  Are these people in a doomsday cult?  What do they want?  Are they even human?  This psychological, sci-fi thriller hybrid unfolds as James attempts to escape his freakishly foreign captors.  Even if he could escape, would the world believe his crazy story?

flytrap poster