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Flight Attendant Spills Horrifying Protocol For Passengers Who Die In Flight

by Timothy Rawles
Flight 7500 (2016)

You’ve heard of Snakes on a Plane, but what about Found Dead on a Plane? A TikTok-er named Sheenie is a part of a main cabin flight crew for a commercial airline. She shares her experiences and answers some FAQs on the social platform about what it’s like to work as an air hostess.

Recently someone asked her what the protocol is if a passenger, sadly, dies while the plane is in flight? The answer is a bit disturbing if it’s true. Her explanation has “horrified” over two million followers and then some.

You would think that if someone expires while the plane is en route, the captain would decide to immediately take action and make an emergency landing at the nearest airport — if not just for the sanity of the other travelers! But that’s not what happens according to Sheenie. In fact, if you can believe it, it’s the extreme opposite.

She explains that if a person is suspected to have passed away in their seat, naturally the crew is going to check for vitals. “So if somebody is already incapacitated, they’re laying in their seat and you know they’re dead and everyone around them is like ‘they’re dead’, we’re obviously going to check for a pulse and all that,” she explains.

“However,” and this is where it gets rough,  “if it’s clear that the passenger has died, “there’s literally nothing we can do about it, we can’t start like CPR and stuff, we are just going to, erm, wait until we get to our final destination…. yeah.”

In case you miss the subtext there, Sheenie drives the point home: “So we’re going to keep that dead body wherever they are at.”

In an effort to lessen the trauma and disturbance of other passengers, if there is enough room in the back of the plane, according to Sheenie, the crew will move them there and cover them with a blanket, otherwise the body remains in their ticketed seat.

Someone in the thread asked the most pertinent question: “What if someone is sitting next to the dead body?”

Sheenie’s response: “Then they’re sitting next to a dead body.”

“After we get to the ground,” she continues, “we will de-plane all the people and then medical professionals will meet the plane to get the body off the plane and we will call their next of kin to tell them ‘I’m sorry, but your loved one has passed’.”

 Source: The Mirror


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