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A couple months back here on iHorror we told you about a five-year-old Chicago boy named Maddex, who is currently battling Leukemia. A big time fan of all things Godzilla since he was a baby, Maddex’ dream was to actually become the fire-breathing monster, which the Make a Wish Foundation set out to grant.

Putting together a team of volunteers and filmmakers, the foundation made Maddex the star of his very own short film called MadZilla, using green screen and miniature sets to help the young boy live out his dream of wreaking havoc on a large city.

This past weekend, the Jonathan Becker-directed short was released for all to see, and we invite you to check it out below. It’s a heartwarming little tale about a boy with an overactive imagination, serving as a reminder that a child’s imagination should be encouraged, rather than stifled.

Enjoy MadZilla, which also features appearances by pint-sized versions of MechaGodzilla and Baragon!

[youtube id=”LqsLlKiRDFc”]

Fortunately, the form of leukemia that Maddex has isn’t as life-threatening as some forms, and he’s expected to make a full recovery. He currently has 16 months of treatment left, and his mother hopes that the memory of becoming Godzilla will stick with him.

“When he looks back,” she said, “hopefully this will be the prevalent memory in his mind.”

You are truly a hero, Maddex, and all of us here in the horror community are rooting for you!