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Five Spooky YouTube Channels to Keep You Up at Night

by Waylon Jordan
Spooky YouTube Channels

In a world where entertainment options are virtually endless, YouTube may be one of the greatest. Seriously, how many hours have you spent watching/listening to content on the video-sharing platform? How many times have you clicked one video and emerged bleary-eyed hours later with a serious case of information overload?

There’s something for everyone on YouTube. Want to listen to Tuvan Throat Singing? They’ve got you covered. Can’t get enough of those cute toy un-boxing videos? There are hundreds of channels for that! And yes, even sites like iHorror have our own channels where we highlight interviews, crafting videos, etc.

What has been really cool as a constant YouTube and horror fan, though, is seeing all of the incredible content popping up to keep your spine-chilled late into the night. From creepy paranormal videos to scary stories to short films, there are spooky YouTube channels for every horror fan out there in Cyberland.

With that in mind, I thought it would be cool to highlight five of my favorites that have provided me with countless hours of often terrifying entertainment. These are listed in no particular order.

#1–Nuke’s Top 5

Nuke’s Top 5 debuted in November of 2015 under the name Nuke Norway and currently has 2.1 million subscribers. The channel posts weekly Top 5 lists featuring videos from around the world focusing on the paranormal and sometimes the downright strange and inexplicable.

The narrator presents the videos in a very matter-of-fact manner, rarely commenting on whether he actually believes what is in the videos preferring to leave that up to his viewers.

While some of his videos leave me shaking my head, many feature at least one clip that raises the hair on my arms and has me looking over my shoulder. The video I’m including here is one of those that really got to me as it takes place inside the home where the infamous Watts Family Murders took place and all the video was supposedly pulled from police body cams.

#2–Sir Spooks

Mikkel Lundgaard aka Sir Spooks is a Danish YouTuber with a channel similar to Nuke’s Top 5 featuring themed videos covering a range of topics from cryptids to hauntings and all points in between.

He started his channel back in 2016, and since that time has racked up over 547,000 subscribers on YouTube. What sets him apart from Nuke’s, however, is that Sir Spooks isn’t afraid to go out in the field himself looking for evidence of the paranormal, and several of his uploads have featured his own investigations.

Check out one of his videos below!

#3–Mr. Nightmare

Since 2014,  Mr. Nightmare, who currently boasts 4.77 million subscribers, has been chilling audiences with his “read aloud” scary story videos that range in content from creepypastas to retelling alleged real life encounters with everything from spirits to stalkers to creepy neighbors.

In the world of spooky YouTube channels, he has a simple, but effective way of sharing the stories that work their way under your skin. My own first encounter with the channel happened only last year. I was doing some cleaning around the house and turned on one of his videos to listen to while I worked. That video led to another and another, and about eight hours later, I had my doors locked and was jumping at every creaking sound my old house makes.

In short, I was hooked and since that time I’ve tuned in every week to see what new chills Mr. Nightmare has in store. Check out one of his videos below and don’t forget to subscribe if you like what you hear!

#4 CreepsMcPasta

I’m not sure what it is about CreepsMcPasta that keeps me coming back for more. Perhaps its his charming British accent. It could be that he just picks great stories to share on his channel. Regardless, his brand of storytelling works for me and for his 1.81 million viewers on YouTube.

The channel reportedly began back in 2012, and he produces a remarkable amount of creepypasta styled stories, often uploading at least one per day and sometimes more.

He has a real knack for storytelling and his channel is perfect for turning the lights out late at night and sipping a drink while he spins his creepy webs.

#5–Chilling Tales for Dark Nights

YouTube channel Chilling Tales for Dark Nights plays very much like a radio show broadcast from the early 20th century. It showcases fully realized creepy stories often featuring musical scores, sound effects, and full voice casts filled with professional voice actors.

It is audio theater and it is highly effective. While many of their stories are only 20-30 minutes long, others run well over an hour and sometimes more, giving their audiences a theater experience that is chilling to say the least.

Check out one of their full cast videos below!

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