Halloween is all about two things; tricks and treats.  In order to properly celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year, I’ve always believed that pulling scary pranks on friends and family is as important as handing out and consuming those aforementioned treats.  Because if there’s anything more delicious than a mega-sized Almond Joy bar, washed down with some Pumpkin Spice M&M’s, it’s the sounds of my wife screaming when she wakes up to find a rat* laying on her pillow next to her.  Ah, there’s just nothing like a good prank on Halloween!

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve compiled a list of the top five Halloween scare pranks that have hit the internet this year – my top five personal favorites, that is.  So sit back, relax and enjoy these hilarious videos – epic tricks on unsuspecting people that serve as treats for YOU!

For this first one, the folks over on YouTube channel PrankvsPrank posed as purveyors of a Philadelphia pizza joint, handing out free samples in front of the restaurant.  They stacked a few empty pizza boxes atop a table, luring in pedestrians with the promise of free pizza.  What they didn’t realize, however, was that it wasn’t pizza inside the boxes.  It was a zombie.  Would you like extra cheese on your undead pie, sir?!

This next one comes courtesy of magician Rich Ferguson, who’s as much into pranks as he is magic.  He’s got a serious penchant for turning himself into a chair and scaring those who unknowingly sit down on him, and in this Halloween edition of the prank he made famous, he spooks customers at the California candy shop Rocket Fizz.  The manager of the store promises treats to customers who let him take their picture in the chair, but all that’s really in store for them is a good old Halloween trick!

Paint company Benjamin Moore even got in on the fun this year, putting together a pretty elaborate prank in promotion of their line of Ultra Spec 500 paints.  The basic gist is that they hired real contractors to come and paint a wall inside of a highly creepy hotel, the kind of hotel that you’d feel is haunted just by looking at it.  Once they started the job, the painters were treated to spooky sights and sounds, with a grande finale that had them running for the door.  Peter Venkman and friends may not be afraid of ghosts, but these dudes sure were!

Comedian and prankster Tom Mabe most definitely wins the award for this year’s most brilliant Halloween prank.  Mabe rigged up a Grim Reaper decoration onto a remote control airplane, which allowed him to literally fly the Reaper above a local park.  Not surprisingly, the clever bit of craftsmanship mystified everyone in the park, some of whom whipped out their cell phones and caught the bizarre sight on film, while others were just plain scared to death.  A prank even Dan and Roseanne Conner would be impressed with, to say the least!

We wrap things up with another Grim Reaper-themed prank, this one from California prankster Jack Vale.  Vale had previously spooked the public this Halloween season with an iPhone prank that you might have seen (it’s unfortunately been taken off YouTube, for whatever reason), and in this latest bit of Halloween fun he dressed up as a giant Grim Reaper – leaning against the wall of a restaurant and posing as a static Halloween decoration.  Whenever anyone walked by, the Reaper would come to life, giving passersby an unexpected fright!

What are some of your favorite Halloween pranks from this year?  Comment below and let us know!

*Yes, it was a fake rat.  I’m not that cruel!