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We’ve Got Movie Sign! Five Favorite New MST3K Episodes

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In the not too distant past… MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 ran one of the most successful kickstarter campaigns in internet history. The many, many, many fans of the cult series wanted to see more episodes, and boy did they show it. Last Friday, the day finally came, and 14 brand spanking new episodes of MST3K were unleashed onto an excited public! Now hosted by Jonah Ray as Jonah Heston, an ace Gizmonics Institute pilot captured by Clayton Forrester’s daughter, Kinga Forrester (Played by Felicia Day) and TV’s Son of TV’s Frank (Played by Patton Oswalt) as they try to drive him nuts with bad movies. Now he must riff on the movies with his robot pals, Tom Servo (Baron Vaughn) and Crow T. Robot (Hampton Yount) to stay sane and have some laughs. Many of the films are science fiction, horror, and outright bizarre. Below are five funny films featured on the show so far!

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Cry Wilderness

A really weird adventure movie quote unquote “For Kids” from the eighties. About a kid named Paul who’s told by the spirit of Bigfoot to find his park ranger father in the wilderness. And then things get weird. Highlights include the excessive use of stock footage of animals, the sidekick who won’t stop laughing, and one seriously weird looking sasquatch.

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The Beast Of Hollow Mountain

This monster mash of western and giant monster makes for a monstrously funny time! An American cowboy in turn of the century Mexico investigates why cattle are suddenly disappearing. Turns out, it’s because there’s a Beast around Hollow Mountain! Who knew? Lots of riffing on the absence of the titular Beast until later in the film, the various hats worn by characters, and how unfunny the alcoholic comic relief is.

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It’s like STAR WARS, but not! A crew of space smugglers are conscripted to try and stop the evil Space Count Zarth Arn and his evil super space weapon from overthrowing the Emperor of Space (Played by Christopher Plummer!). Space. Highlights include so many cheap laser and explosion SFX, a robot sheriff with a southern drawl, and David Hasselhoff as The Prince Of Space… not to be confused with the titular PRINCE OF SPACE from season 8 of MST3K.

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Wizards Of The Lost Kingdom II

Of the two WIZARDS OF THE LOST KINGDOM films showing this season, this one I felt brought more laughs. Having basically doing anything to do with its predecessor, we follow another ‘chosen one’ kid on an atypical hero’s journey with an incompetent wizard mentor to stop the three evil warlocks that currently rule the lost kingdom. Highlights include lots and lots of reused footage from previous and unrelated movies, Sid Haig as an evil crow sorcerer, and David Carradine as a badass sellsword named “The Dark One”!

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At the Earth’s Core

An Amicus sci-fi adventure adaptation of the William S. Burroughs book from the seventies. British Dr. Perry and American David Innes test out a massive ‘Iron Mole’ drill and wouldn’t you know it, they end up At the Earth’s Core! Now they must lead a revolution of human’s against their underground masters and find a way back on top. Highlights include Peter Cushing as the ridiculously stuffy Dr. Perry, goofy looking monsters, and inexplicably English speaking underground cavemen that look like prog-rockstars!

Of course, these are just a few of my own favorites. Give the new season of MST3K a watch on Netflix and tell us what movies and riffs made you laugh!

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