First Trailer for ‘The Predator’ Emerges From the Jungles of the Internet

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Last month, iHorror found out The Predator was set to receive a teaser trailer at Cinemacon. Yesterday, Keegan-Michael Key and his co-stars teased that “something is coming”.

Sure enough, The Predator received a brand new teaser trailer, giving us an intense first cinematic look at the new chapter in the intergalactic hunter’s franchise.

News of the trailer’s release was hinted at through multiple actors from the film uploading their respective character stills from the movie, contrasted with infrared versions of the stills. Fox also tweeted a short teaser counting down in Yautja (the predator’s native language) to spell out “tomorrow”.

Shane Black’s The Predator had experienced a delay in its initial release and the location of the film was kept under wraps until recently. Contrary to the tagline– “You’ll never see him coming”–fans of the deadly hunter race can expect to see the series’ next installment by September 14th of this year.

The hunt begins (once again) among the trees and foliage of a small suburban (Earth) town, set far away from the street lights of concrete jungles and alien planets.

The Predator 2018

Image via IMDB

It’s still debated if this is a sequel or reboot of the Predator franchise, but it may be safe to assume this film’s timeline occurs after 1990’s Predator 2 since Jake Busey plays “The Son of Peter Keyes”, Gary Busey’s character in the second movie.

After years of anticipation, a trailer has certainly been due, and we are ecstatic to witness some spinal cords be severed, and for a rag-tag group of ex-soldiers to save the planet from a sadistic and malicious tribe of predators.

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While Keegan-Michael Key has been focusing on acting with his role in The Predator, his long-time co-host from Key & Peele, Jordan Peele, has released an official poster to tease his new horror film Us. You can check out more details on the poster and Jordan Peele in our article here.

Check out the new teaser trailer below!


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