First Trailer for Bigfoot Horror Movie

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And here we are again. Another found footage film coming to you this year. So what’s different about this flick than any of the dozen or so horror films that are portrayed in this manner? Well, first off, it sure as shit isn’t Harry and the Hendersons. And the film has a familiar director attached to it that first coined this type of horror movie into the mass public. Here is your first insight on the film, Exists, which focuses on the legendary Bigfoot.

The movie is directed by Eduardo Sanchez. Who of course directed The Blair Witch Project. Writer is Jamie Nash (V/H/S 2). Exists stars Chris Osborn and Samuel Davis as two brothers who throw a party out in a secluded cabin in the east texas woods with friends. But what they don’t plan on is for the legendary Sasquatch, who calls these woods his home, to crash the party and take the party goers out one by one.

I have to be honest I laughed a little at the trailer. I mean, what group of friends have their phones recording all simultaneously at the same time? Mind you, I’m certainly not pre- judging that this is going to be a trainwreck. I’m actually all for a decently budgeted horror film about the big guy. As a matter of fact, Fearnet praised Exists for the movie’s editing and score. Also, the film had its world premiere in March of this year at South of Southwest in Austin, Texas, and won the Audience Award for best film. So there is definitely some hope for this one. Exists releases on ITunes and hits theaters and across the United States October 24th. Watch the official trailer below!


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