First ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Episode Title is X-Men Inspired

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Stranger Things creators, The Duffer Brothers have taken to the socials to share the title of the first episode of Stranger Things season 4. The episode, titled “The Hellfire Club” is the first glimpse/clue of what will be going on with the Hawkins gang in the next season.

Let the speculation begin, obviously. I’m thinking this is either a nod to the X-Men universe comic regarding “The Hellfire Club,” or it has something to do with the Illuminati type high society group known as the ‘real world’ The Hellfire Club.

The X-Men connection was of course an arch that ran through the 80’s and saw Emma Frost, Selene, Blackheart and a few other villains form a group that undermined and influenced big world decisions in the political field. There were several circles that made up ‘The Hellfire Club,’ and many villains that were in their ranks.

It could also be a wink at the ‘real worlds’ ‘Hellfire Club’ that is an organization, much like the comic book group, minus the mutants. It is allegedly responsible for being a hidden hand in big world events.

If you take a little from both of those schools of theory, it might mean that ‘The Hellfire Club’ is responsible for what was going on in Hawkins and Russia. Maybe they have been the hand guiding these events the entire time.

It’s fun to speculate on this and I’m putting my money on a connection with the X-Men group. I can almost picture a scene where the gang finds out about a shadow organization, and one of the group comparing it to the events of the comic.

What do you guys think? Speculate with us. Let us know what you think in the comments section.


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