First Scenes of ‘IT: Chapter 2’ Show Pennywise Confronting Older Bev

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The lucky attendees at Las Vegas CinemaCon got to see the first look at Andy Muschietti’s It: Chapter 2 on Tuesday.

According to Deadline, the footage focuses on a now grown Beverly Marsh (Jessica Chastain) visiting her father’s old apartment where she has an encounter with a creepy old woman who lives there now.

After retrieving an old love letter while the old woman is occupied, flies begin to manifest around Bev–meaning one thing: Pennywise must be near.

Here’s an excerpt from the Deadline story about the scene:

“No one who ever dies ever really dies,” says the old lady to Beverly with a freaky straight face. She tells Bev her father was in the circus. Bev is suspicious, but it’s too late the old lady grows monstrous. Cut to teaser of the Losers Club grown up walking through town, reunited. Images of balloons everywhere under a bridge and the last shot of Pennywise saying “Hello.”

In a cast panel before the footage was unveiled James McAvoy revealed that it was Chastain herself who first talked him into playing the older Bill Denbrough.

Muschietti touted that he indeed got his dream cast for this second chapter and was thrilled when everyone was eager to participate.

“From an audience perspective I wanted the adult losers to be believable,” he said. “I’m proud to say all the people I wanted in the movie finally landed in it. It was incredible to find all the people here were so excited to be a part of it.”

He added that this film is going to be even scarier than his first.

“The last time I was here I said I promise you-you are going to sh*t your pants,” he said before rolling the footage. “Here, I double down.”