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Tampa and St. Petersburg Florida are buzzing with star power this month as the new film I Saw a Man with Yellow Eyes started shooting on location.

The psychological thriller stars A-listers Katherine Heigl (27 DressesThe Ugly Truth), and Harry Connick Jr. Joining them is Madison Iseman who will also take on a possessed doll this summer in Annabelle Comes Home.

I Saw a Man with Yellow Eyes is a Hitchcockian-type psychological thriller written and directed by Castille Landon.

The plot follows a schizophrenic teenager who may or may not be imagining that her neighbor has kidnapped a child. She tells her skeptical parents of her visions, but they may be hiding something even more sinister themselves.

“I was truly taken by the heartbreaking story of I Saw A Man With Yellow Eyes. Castille Landon has written a tremendous script and has proven to be a fabulous director, tirelessly searching for the most truthful and artful ways to tell this tale of mental illness. Castille and the incredible cast and crew have gone all-in to make the often-misunderstood world of schizophrenia a bit more familiar. It’s an honor to be a part of such a noble and artistic film,” said Connick Jr.

Heigl says she was also intrigued by the plot, “When this unique and thought-provoking project came my way I knew it was a story I desperately wanted to be a part of telling. Not only am I proud to be collaborating with a talented female director, a beautiful and talented young actress, and one of my all-time favorite male leads, but I get to be a part of telling a story that touches on themes I believe to be incredibly relevant and meaningful like mental illness, tragedy, grief, unconditional love and hope. I am honored and privileged to be a part of this film.”

Landon, a Florida native, says she is honored to work with such a stellar company of actors, but there is also another reason the movie is important.

“Having this phenomenal cast and crew come together to bring to the screen a film that is simultaneously entertaining and thought-provoking,” she said, “with the aim of opening a much needed dialogue about mental health, is a dream come true for me as a director and writer.”

Source: Deadline