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First Look at Soska Sisters’ ‘Rabid’ Remake Starring Laura Vandervoort

by Erick Gabriel
Rabid Soska Sisters Remake

Jen and Sylvia Soska, the “twisted twins” who gained a cult following after their debut back in 2012 with American Mary, are taking a stab at a sleeper classic: Rabid.

Originally imagined by David Cronenberg, the sisters promise to honor his work with a fresh, female, perspective with a side or two of blood of course.

Laura Vandervoort (Supergirl and Jigsaw) shared first-looks of her starring role in Rabid. Fans will remember adult film star Marilyn Chambers originally starred as the main protagonist (or I guess antagonist depending on how you look at it) Rose.

Slight tweaks will be made, the shared images certainly have a sleeker look, but the sisters want to keep true to the film’s humble beginnings.

Vandervoort will play, “a young seamstress who, after an accident leaves her scarred beyond recognition, undergoes a radical untested stem-cell treatment,” according to Deadline. “While turning Rose into the belle of the ball, the experimental transformation comes at a price.”

The 1977 film follows the same premise. There is one major key element that I hope the Soska Sisters include (SPOILER): THE APPENDAGE GROWING FROM HER ARMPIT. Besides it giving her cravings for human blood and infecting everyone she feasts on, Rose is your typical 70s gal (that was a joke).

“It’s a tremendous honor to be re-imaging David’s 1977 body horror classic [Rabid] with such incredible support behind us,” shared the Soska Sisters according to ComingBook. “We are not fans of soulless remakes as seems to be the trend these days as they disrespect the fans and the original body of work. Our Rabid is a continuation of the thoughts and conversation David started with his original piece and modernized through a female perspective. This film will truly honor not only the original but Cronenberg’s entire body of work.”

Rabid 1977

via IMDb

Ideas for a remake began swirling back in 2016 according to IndieWire.

The cast also features Ben Hollingsworth (Code Black), Hanneke Talbot (Playing Dead) as Rose’s best friend, Mackenzie Gray (Legion) as a fashion designer, and CM Punk (WWE) and AJ Mendez (WWE Raw) in undisclosed roles according to ComingSoon.

Rabid will have some type of theatrical release but no other information has been released yet.  Filming for Cronenberg’s reimagining began back in July.

Will you be catching the ravenous Rabid remake by the Soska Sisters? Tired of remakes in Hollywood? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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