First Look at New Leprechaun in ‘Leprechaun: Origins’ Trailer!

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WWE/Lionsgate have been real secretive about their upcoming reboot of the Leprechaun franchise, titled Leprechaun: Origins, to the point that the first trailer for the movie didn’t even feature a single glimpse of the titular monster. That’s all changed at this weekend’s Comic-Con, as some gold has at long last been found at the end of the proverbial rainbow.

Not only did the above piece of promotional art hit the net today, which gives us our very first look at the iconic villain’s redesign, but so too has a brand new trailer made its way out of Comic Con, home to a tad bit more footage than the aforementioned first trailer was.

It’s our best look at the film yet, so check out the new trailer below!

[youtube id=”zYg51_PFeHA”]

Directed by Zach Lipovsky, Leprechaun: Origins is being billed as a much darker take on the subject matter, with the humor of the original films being all but replaced by genuine terror – at least, that’s the idea. For the first time ever, Warwick Davis won’t be playing the Irish demon, as WWE superstar Dylan ‘Hornswoggle’ Postl has taken over the role.

The film centers on two young couples who are backpacking through the Irish countryside, and quickly discover the idyllic land is not what it appears to be when a town’s residents offer them an old cabin at the edge of the woods. Soon, the friends will find that one of Ireland’s most famous legends is a terrifying reality.

Look for it on VOD outlets August 26th, followed by a DVD/Blu-ray release on September 30th.

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