Halloween - 2018

Here is a possible spoiler that’s worth it. A fan who happened to be near the South Carolina set of the new Halloween has spotted what appears to be Michael Myers during filming.

Dread Central reported the snapshot coming from genre clothier Fright-Rags’ Instagram. Although it’s not a clear shot of the man in the mask just left of the tree trunk on the right, there’s no mistaking that famous silhouette.

It also should be said there is no way to gauge the context of the shot and how far along they are into the script. In other words we can’t confirm its authenticity, but it definitely appears to be him.

Halloween is probably the most anticipated horror film of the year. David Gordon Green is adapting the script written by Danny McBride and original Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis returns in the role of Laurie Strode.

The scheduled release date is October 19, 2018.