Between Goosebumps, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and Are You Afraid of the Dark?, it appears that all of our childhood fears are coming back to life.

EW has brought us the first glimpse of the Are You Afraid of the Dark? revival, and regardless of it being only 15 seconds long, it really does look promising – especially the ghouls at the end.

We’re going to be getting three episodes of the horror anthology series, each lasting an hour long. First airing in the 1990’s, the show terrified thousands of kids in front of their television screens – myself included.

That also includes the writer of the revival series. BenDavid Grabinski told EW:

Are You Afraid of The Dark? was my introduction to the horror genre and made me a fan for life … I hope we’re lucky enough to have our series do the same. It’s going to be a fun and scary ride, and I’m honored to introduce the Midnight Society to a whole new generation of kids.”

Initially, we were also supposed to be receiving a feature-length movie of Are You Afraid of the Dark? as well. It seems that plans for that have been scrapped indefinitely with no further updates given. Depending on how well the series does, however, it may still come to light one day.

The original series ran from 1992-1996 and picked up again for a year in 1999. The Midnight Society will return shortly – shooting started earlier this summer in June, taking place in Vancouver.

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