Written by Patti Pauley

The 1984 Firestarter theatrical adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name, embodies everything that’s amazing about ’80s horror. From the synth music, which Netflix’s Stranger Things clearly takes an homage from this film in particular regarding that intro, to the not so complicated but intriguing enough storyline to pull the viewer in without confusing the hell out of them. Sometimes I can do without the big twist. Just give me a horror movie filled with feathery mullets and fire. And Firestarter has plenty of both.




This early Drew Barrymore flick kicked off the young actress’s horror film career that later down the line included the 1992 thriller Poison Ivy, Scream, and most recently the hilariously grotesque Netflix horror-comedy The Santa Clarita Diet. So yes, while most of her film resume lists romantic comedies with a splash of a few dramas, Barrymore’s true roots started within the horror genre even with E.T., and if you try to tell me that elongated necked zombie alien doesn’t touch on a few horror elements, I will tell you how wrong you are. As a matter of fact, you can read why right here.


Anyway, to celebrate the amazing movie that is Firestarter, Scream Factory has given the cult ’80s horror classic a much-deserved collector’s treatment. Per the movie restoration’s website, here’s the list of Bonus Features included with the disc that also comes with a kick-ass 18 X 24 limited edition poster!

  • NEW 2K Scan Of The Interpositive Film Element
  • NEW Audio Commentary With Director Mark L. Lester
  • NEW Playing With Fire: The Making Of FIRESTARTER – Featuring Interviews With Director Mark L. Lester, Actors Freddie Jones, Drew Snyder, Stuntman/Actor Dick Warlock And Johannes Schmoelling Of Tangerine Dream
  • NEW Tangerine Dream: Movie Music Memories – An Interview With Johannes Schmoelling
  • NEW Live Performance Of “Charlie’s Theme” By Johannes Schmoelling Of Tangerine Dream
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • Radio Spot
  • Still Gallery


Make sure to pick up your copy that is currently on sale NOW before poster supplies run out and the price goes back up by clicking here!