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“Fire Walk With Me” Vinyl Record is a Beautifully Macabre Soundtrack

by admin

Written by Shannon McGrew

Imagine crushed red velvet seating in a bar downtown with plumes of smoke exhaled from the mouths of strangers surrounding you.  Imagine a feeling of euphoria combined with the mysterious atmosphere that you have found yourself in.  To me, that’s what I imagined when I listened to the latest vinyl recording from Mondo‘s Death Waltz Recording, “Fire Walk With Me.” Each track held an air of sensuality and mystique that transported me to a time and place outside of my living room space.

Having just jumped on the train of the hit 90’s show “Twin Peaks”, from visionary director David Lynch, I’ve become incredibly obsessed with all aspects of this show.  One of the highlights is the hypnotic music which eventually became a focal point to not only the show, but also the continuous of the series in the film “Fire Walk With Me.”  To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the release of the film, Mondo’s Music Label, Death Waltz Recording, released the soundtrack on two beautifully crafted vinyl records.

To say the music is breathtaking would be an understatement.  The music is composed by Angelo Badalamenti, who won a Grammy for the title track, and is reminiscent of a smoky underground nightclub where one could listen to dark and moody jazz music.  However, there are moments where the score pops with a more lively sound, but for me personally, I was drawn more to the eerie, melancholy tunes.  The music itself has a sadness to it that is intertwined with passion and despair and it draws the listener in as each track unfolds.  All in all, it’s a beautifully composed piece of music that is capable of eliciting a range of emotions while also staying true to theme of the movie.

As for the artwork, which is done by Sam Smith and designed by Jay Shaw, it’s absolutely stunning. The vinyl records are housed in a gatefold sleeve with the front designed in a bespoke black die cut with a black spot varnish finish complete with obi strip.  As a fan of minimalist designs, I absolutely loved how the record was encased within the packaging.  It was sharp and stunning and it paired perfectly with not only the artistic theme of the movie, but the show itself.

The records are just as beautiful with a cherry pie glaze to them, and as morbid as this might sound, conjure up images of smeared blood.  Looking past that macabre image, the vinyls are beautifully crafted and the vibrant red color tones offset the dark gatefold sleeve.  In all honesty, the “Fire Walk With Me” XLP is a perfect complement to the “Twin Peaks” Original Score LP.  I can’t recommend this soundtrack enough, and if you are a fan of “Twin Peaks” or the film “Fire Walk With Me”, then you definitely do not want to miss out on having this vinyl in your possession as it’s one of the best soundtracks you will ever hear.

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