Phil Brough

When there’s a fire in town made of paper, it can lead to devastation on an apocalyptic scale.

That’s the situation depicted in Phil Brough’s animated disaster short Fire in Cardboard City. After a high-speed chase results in a capsized muscle car that ignites a spark downtown, the bored fire department springs into action to save the world.

Our hero the fire chief does his best to save the citizens from becoming kindling, but not all of them survive. Although he does manage to save a stray cat.

Finally, when “Jim’s Stupid Bombs and Fireworks Shop” catches aflame it looks like all is lost for the corrugated metropolis.

This brilliant animation project has everything you want in a disaster movie; action, explosions, falling buildings, tongue-in-cheek humor and plenty of heart.

Although it was created in 2017, The New Yorker recently put it in their Screening Room YouTube channel for fans like us to gawk at in case they missed it.

There is also a twist ending that sets us up for a sequel, and we can’t wait.