Finn Wolfhard Of ‘Stranger Things’ To Star In New ‘Ghostbusters’

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Now this is a perfect fit if you ask me. Variety tells us that Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things is in talks to star in Jason Reitman’s new Ghostbusters movie.

But the casting almost seems to fit a little too well, given the similarities in tone between Netflix’s breakout hit TV series and Ivan Reitman’s classic movie. After all, the boys even dress up like Busters at one point.

Variety even reports that “Reitman may have been weary about using anyone from the “Stranger Things” cast, given some of the similarities between the two properties, but both he and the executives were blown away by Wolfhard’s audition.”

Details are sparse on the plot, but it has also been reported that it will center around a single mother and her family. The mother is to be played by Carrie Coon and the son, as you may be able to guess, would be Finn Wolfhard.

The sequel is set for release in 2020. Jason Reitman, son of Ivan Reitman, is directing the film from a scripted co written by him and Gil Kenan.

It’s been confirmed that the original surviving cast will be returning for this newest sequel as well, although we don’t know in which capacity yet. It could be cameos or it could be something bigger. However, given the fact that the movie is an actual sequel and will effectively ignore Paul Feig’s reboot, it’s hard to imagine that the original Busters would be reduced to cameo parts.

Finn Wolfhard, it appears, may be the focus – but that doesn’t mean the old guys are going to be cast into the shadows. Watch the teaser trailer below.

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