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We’ve slowly seen some new photos come down the pipes for the 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s It, as though delivered by our favorite creepy clown himself.

The newest offering is a photo of Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) all decked out in his 80’s summer flashback gear. That shirt! Those glasses! That smile of a youth who is struck by the power of friendship!

The photo was posted on producer Barbara Muschietti’s Instagram account.

@finnwolfhardofficial #richietozier #itthemovie

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As someone has mentioned in the comments on the photo’s post on Instagram, it seems like this may possibly be from a blood-oath scene, given the appearance of a recently cut hand just beside Wolfhard. As always, take that with a grain of salt.

If for whatever reason you have no idea what It is about, it follows a group of seven children – known as The Losers Club – in the small town of Derry, Maine, as they come face to face with life problems, bullies, and a monster that takes the shape of a clown called Pennywise. It is an adaptation of the novel by Stephen King, published in 1986.

Wolfhard plays a young Richie Tozier, a role first portrayed by Seth Green in the 1990 mini-series. The young Losers Club cast also includes Jaeden Lieberher (Midnight Special) as Bill Denbrough, Jack Dylan Grazer (Tales of Halloween) as Stan Uris, Wyatt Oleff (Guardians of the Galaxy) as Eddie Kaspbrak, Chosen Jacobs (Hawaii Five-0) as Mike Hanlon, Jeremy Ray Taylor (42) as Ben Hanscom, and Sophia Lillis as Beverly Marsh.

Bill Skarsgard will take the mantle as the iconic Pennywise. The film is directed by Andrés Muschietti (Mama) and will hit theatres on Sept 8, 2017.

Given the stunning visuals of Mama, I’m excited to see what Muschietti will do with It’s ability to exploit the fears and phobias of its victims… more photos please!