Final ‘Stranger Things’ S2 Trailer Turns Things Up to Eleven!

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There have been a lot of great horror movies and TV shows to look forward to this year, many of which ended up exceeding expectations. Perhaps the biggest genre release still to come in 2017 is Netflix’s Stranger Things season 2, the follow-up to last year’s surprise hit series.

Stranger Things introduced the world to some of the most interesting TV characters in recent memory, including the psychically-endowed Eleven, the pragmatic but committed Sheriff Hopper, and the hilarious yet loyal Dustin. Season 2 sees recognizable faces Paul Reiser and Sean Astin join the cast, in addition to all the usual Hawkins favorites.

Stranger Things season 2 kids

Well, except for Barb anyway. Barb is still dead, no matter how vocally her fans continue to complain online. Personally, I never really got the big deal about her, but I can respect that others disagree.

Anyway, Netflix has released the final trailer for Stranger Things season 2, which features a whole bunch of previously unseen footage from the new batch of episodes. It also makes clear that Eleven did indeed make use of the food Hopper was shown leaving in the woods for her in the season 1 finale. Check out the full trailer below.

I don’t know about you, but the above trailer did absolutely nothing to dampen my high level of anticipation for season 2. With Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 delayed to 2018, the world needs Stranger Things now more than ever, if only to fill the Ash-shaped void in the fall 2017 TV schedule.

Stranger Things season 2 arrives on Netflix on October 28th, just in time for Halloween binging. The service also just added the new horror/comedy film The Babysitter, and will add an adaptation of Stephen King’s 1922 next Friday, October 20th. It’s our month horror fans, and we’ve got a lot to watch.

David Harbour as Hopper on Stranger Things

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