‘Final Destination 2’ Log Slice Becomes Reality

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That awful traffic accident depicted in the film Final Destination 2 became reality for one motorist in Cohutta, Ga, on Friday October, 11.

Officials say the driver escaped with only minor injuries when several logs from a logging truck pierced their SUV from stem to stern with its massively stacked payload.

Whitfield County Fire Dept via Facebook

Whitfield County Fire Department said rescuers were able to safely pull the motorist from the vehicle.

Photos of the terrifying wreckage were posted by the fire and rescue team via Facebook and from what the pictures show it’s a miracle the driver got out alive.

Whitfield County Fire Dept via Facebook

Whitfield County Fire Dept via Facebook

“Great job guys,” the department wrote to the rescue team on Facebook obviously commending them for a job well done.

Cohutta is about 100 miles northwest of Atlanta, near the Georgia-Tennessee line.

Speaking of the film, it’s been reported that The Final Destination franchise is getting something of a reboot in the near future, but there are no details on if, or when, that will be happening.

Source: WTSP

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