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Welcome to the iHorror Film Festival Updates Page!

by Anthony Pernicka
iHorror Film Festival 2020

The iHorror Film Festival is upon us! Welcome to your one-stop spot for festival updates as they happen! The festival opens today, October 15, 2020, at 2 pm Eastern with our short film selections and will continue tomorrow, October 16, 2020, at the same time for our features!

Tickets to the festival are available for $14.99 for both days of the festival by CLICKING HERE.

Awards announcements will follow the feature screenings tomorrow.

In addition to the films featured in this year’s festival, we also have categories for HORROR-THEMED PHOTOGRAPHY and for UNPRODUCED SCREENPLAYS. Awards in these categories will also be announced after the screenings for features tomorrow.

The iHorror Film Festival is proud to host an online event that has brought together filmmakers from around the world in a year that has seen one setback after another for creatives and audiences alike. We have adapted to the times and will continue to do so, though we do hope that an in-person festival is possible next year!

You can check back to this article throughout the day for on-the-ground updates as they happen!

UPDATE: iHorror Film Festival Day 1 Schedule (Films are not listed in screening order.)

2 pm ET

  • Bewere–Directed by J. Budro Partida
  • Bucca-Boo–Directed by Kyle Knopf
  • Crop Dust–Directed by Thomas Nicol and Andrew Gleason
  • Devil’s Fish–Directed by Luke Kreger
  • Dorset–Directed by Karl Huber
  • Face Your Fears–Directed by Neil Stevens
  • Herman–Directed by Eric Bodge
  • Lies Inside–Directed by Corey Emmanuel Jr.
  • Momma Don’t Go–Directed by Rafael De Leon, Jr.
  • No One is Coming–Directed by Matthew Barber and Nathaniel Barber
  • Social Silence–Directed by Tony Ahedo and Jason Henne
  • Tall Betsy–Directed by Kyle Wallace
  • Wrath of the Minitaur–Directed by Sam Gaffin

4:15 pm ET

  • The Barber–Directed by Sergiy Pudich
  • The Conqueror Worm–Directed by Paul von Stoetzel
  • Deathyard–Directed by Daniel Ballard and Taylor Hellhake
  • Here There be Tygers–Directed by Polly Schattel
  • Hide and Seek–Directed by Thomas Nicol and Andrew Gleason
  • HUMANS!–Directed by Ramon Paradoa
  • The Knock–Directed by Zach Lorkiewicz
  • Malum Aeterni–Directed by Luigi Scarpa
  • Monsterbook–Directed by Dmitri Kanjuka
  • My Neighbors are Weird–Directed by Jason Morillo
  • Night Shift–Directed by Trevor Hagen and Jarod Hagen
  • The Other Side–Directed by Damian Alpizar
  • Pete’s Putrid Peas–Directed by Danny Rosenberg
  • The Photograph–Directed by Jackson Sprau
  • Propogation–Directed by Ian Dooley
  • Purgamentum–Directed by Julie Bruns, Steven Kammerer, Shawn Major
  • Zombies 2020–Directed by Jack Barton

7 pm ET

  • Abracitos–Directed by Tony Morales
  • Antikk–Directed by Morten Haselrud
  • Cottonmouth–Directed by Zach Wincik and Danny Salemme
  • Ferine–Directed by Andrea Corsini
  • Irreparable–Directed by Thomas Nicol and Andrew Gleason
  • Lili–Directed by Yfke van Berckelaer
  • Orisha–Directed by Drew Anthony
  • The Rule of Three–Directed by Elwood Quincy Walker
  • Swipe–Directed by Niels Bourgonje
  • Tea Time–Directed by Javier Alfonso Bartolozzi
  • The Things with the Glowing Green Eyes–Directed by Jeremy Herbert
  • Willa–Directed by Corey Mayne

UPDATE: iHorror Film Festival Day 2 Schedule

2 pm ET: Ivan the Terrirble–Directed by Mario Abbade

4:15 pm ET: The Reckoning–Directed by Neil Marshall

6:30 pm ET: Awards Presentation

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