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Take a moment to really let that headline sink in.

On Wednesday, November 5th, Matthew Williams (known locally as “Fifi”), was reportedly shot and killed by police with a 50,000 volt Taser. Williams is said to have been eating the face of an unidentified woman, 22, who died from her injuries.

Williams had been released from prison two weeks ago after serving half of a five year sentence for another violent crime and was staying at a bail hostel in Argoed, South Wales. According to BBC News, Williams and his victim were believed to be in a relationship. Staff at the hostel had advised Williams of the “No Girls Allowed (in male rooms)” policy, and forced entry when he refused to open his door to security.


They found him chewing on a face. To be completely accurate, a face and an eyeball.

After presumably becoming physically ill, staff called in police, who employed use of a Taser. Williams was placed under arrest, and shortly after became unresponsive. He has since been pronounced dead.

Gwent Police are not currently providing further information on the female victim, and the Independent Police Complaints Commission is conducting an independent investigation due to use of a Taser and, more likely than not, morbid curiosity.