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This Festive Yule Log Video Holds a Terrifying Secret

by Mike Joyce

If you’re not fortunate enough to have a fireplace of your own, you can set the holiday scene with a yule log video. The dancing flames set to festive Christmas music is always a crowd pleaser at parties, family gatherings or tree decorating. The “Hawkins Family Yule Log,” however, has a dark secret.

The yule log video is over two hours long, and while it has the cozy setting and the crackling flames, things start to get dark as the video progresses. Here’s the trailer:

That’s right, some mad geniuses hid a horror movie inside of a Christmas yule log video, and it’s glorious.

You can watch the entire, two-hour video here:

If you want to cheat, the video synopsis includes links to every clip. However, this really needs to be experienced by people who don’t know what they’re getting into. I just love the ingenuity here. If you get the opportunity this holiday season, pop this bad boy on without giving anything away, and see how people react to it.

Image source: YouTube/Virtual Fireplace

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