Festival Favorite ‘Livescream’ is Now Available on VOD

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Feature-length gaming horror film Livescream is finally available on VOD platforms worldwide!

Written and directed by Michelle Iannantuono under her Octopunk Media banner, the feature stars Gunner Willis (Ozark) as Scott, a game streamer with a devoted audience, who begins playing a strange game that was sent to him from an anonymous fan. He soon realizes that something is very wrong as his followers begin dying one by one based on how he plays the game.

The film became an instant hit on the festival circuit after its debut garnering numerous awards.

It’s a fascinating look at gaming culture, visibility, and the translation of terror across mediums due in large part to Iannantuono’s design of the film which is set up to look like a live-streaming interface. The director also personally designed and created each level of play that Scott faces throughout the film.

“Nearly every creative choice I made for Livescream was inspired by a game, a game player, a game developer, a reference to a popular video, or some aspect of the culture,” the director stated in a press release. “Over these years I have observed, and felt in my own heart, the deep, intimate connection between streamers and their fans.”

That personal connection and commitment is clear in every second of the film’s one hour and ten minute run-time, and with the popularity of horror games on various streaming services, it’s something with which a lot of horror fans can identify.

Livescream is available currently available in the U.S. and Canada via Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay, Microsoft/XBox, and PlayStation. (PlayStation customers can find the film by searching the title in the PlayStation store.) Additionally it is available worldwide via Vimeo.

If you’re a collector who prefers physical media, CLICK HERE to order the film on Blu-Ray.

Innovative, fresh, and terrifying, if you haven’t seen Livescream check it out today and remember your only choices are Play or Die…

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