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So terrifying is Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story: Freak Show that real clowns are furious about the show’s depiction, feeling that it gives a bad name to all who slap on the white greasepaint and red nose. In other words, the show is doing something right this season, bringing to the screen perhaps the most terrifying clown in the history of history.

Though she admits she hasn’t yet even delved into the new season, mega-talented makeup artist Alexys Fleming was nevertheless taken by the nightmarish imagery of Twisty, using the killer clown as inspiration for her latest tutorial video.

Using makeup, and ONLY makeup, the beautiful young artist managed to transform herself into the terrifying clown, and trust me when I say that you won’t believe just how far she was able to take the look, without the aid of anything other than her trusty tools of the trade.

Check out the entertaining tutorial video below, which shows you how to turn yourself into Twisty!

[youtube id=”sD4f8MrREZ8&list=UUiXoZHFowJUlDVMuRFAwVAw”]

To see more of Fleming’s truly impressive makeup creations, head over to the MadeULook by Lex Facebook page and prowl around her YouTube channel. Other recent makeups include a creepy human doll, Edward Scissorhands and a bug-infested zombie!