Feldman’s Whistleblowing Doc “Too Scary” For Netflix

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The late Corey Haim and his bestie, current child advocate Corey Feldman are no strangers to the horror genre. They have both starred in iconic genre movies: The Lost Boys and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter respectively. They co-starred together in the former.

But it seems their careers were filled with a different kind of horror; that of Hollywood sexual predators who left them both scarred. At the height of their game, the actors were just teenagers, Haim was 14 when he did Lost Boys, while Feldman was about the same age when he did Friday.


This accusation of their abuse has been floating around Hollywood for years mostly from Feldman himself who says he knows things that will blow the lid off pedophilic Hollywood.

These claims are revealed in his latest documentary The Rape of Two Coreys, which he has just finished, but due to its subject matter can’t find a distributor.

The bastion of all pitched and finished films, Netflix, is even passing on the project because, according to Feldman, they’re “too scuured,” as he puts it.

And as well they should be, the recent #MeToo movement has ruined careers, Jeffrey Epstein was found dead just before he was to go on trial for sex trafficking, and the Jackson estate was successful in establishing that Michael’s accusers might be lying in a recent documentary where they accuse the King of Pop of molesting them as young kids.

Feldman’s film is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Still, Feldman is not giving up. He has been crusading against Hollywood child sexual abuse for many many years, and has been successful in making changes in the industry. Some have excused his claims because of his eccentric personality or maybe more accurately, they are too afraid to believe him.

He recently went on a talk show to speak more about his movie and made allegations against Haim’s abuser, “That person is still powerful and still in this industry and still around, and needs to be exposed,” although he stopped short of giving any names.

Feldman will appear on this season of “Marriage Bootcamp: Family Edition” on WE-TV and is currently filming “13: Fanboy” an updated slasher that pays homage to that genre and its tropes.

At about the 23:37 mark below, Feldman discusses the Netflix pitch and pleads with someone who “has balls” to help get The Rape of Two Coreys to an audience

If you’re a victim of abuse call The Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-422-4453 to locate supportive resources in your community.

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